About Lynne

Best known for her TV presenting, ‘Outdoorist’ and Champion for Mother Nature, Lynne Allbutt‘s love of the natural world is inspiring, infectious and utterly uplifting.

Organic vegetable growing, bee-keeping, herbalism, zoopharmacognosy, labyrinth design & creation, stone engraving and animal communication are just some of the passions grown out of her gardening heritage.

She is an avid writer and speaker whose humour and energy make for informative and lively walks, talks and interviews on topics such as, Pigs, Bees & Celebrities, Nature as Teacher and Barefoot Universal.

In the garden design business since 1985, Lynne’s holistic approach to understanding the client’s needs and vision and her attention to detail are still available through an affordable consultancy service for those seeking all the benefits of her unique approach and expert advice.

Lynne’s aim throughout her work is to encourage people to get more involved with their garden and the outdoors. “Fresh air and physical activity is just the best tonic for the mind and the body. Nature can teach us so much about how to conduct other aspects of our lives too. We should take time to listen.”