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“A remarkable lady and a remarkable challenge. An exciting combination.” – Robert Plant

Deciding to become the first person to run 51 miles across Wales barefoot was the easy bit. Putting in to practice the commitment to training, the planning, adjusting one’s diet and managing the highs and lows of conditioning the body in only 6 months to cope with such a challenge was the hard part, and that was before the run even started.

Running 2 marathons in two days requires mental and physical strength and a lot of planning and dedication to the challenges that one faces and with such a great story to tell, Lynne is an enthusiastic and excellent choice for motivational presentations for your employees or conference guests.

Not only was she the first person to run across Wales barefoot, but she has also completed several marathons (including a solo 4×4 expedition to Iceland to run the Reykjavik Marathon), a wing walk and a parachute jump.

Details of her life story and the gruelling training and barefoot challenge itself can be read in her upcoming autobiography, Barefoot and Before, and her inspirational story will captivate your audience and show them that any goal can be achieved with the right approach.

Her engaging speeches are aimed at adults and children alike and can be adapted to suit your needs.

Lynne also gives talks to local groups and institutes on a wide variety of other topics including gardening, bee keeping, journalism, animal communication, barefoot lifestyle, natural crafts and outdoor living.

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Lynne Allbutt - Motivation